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not going to take, but still the most we've ever had. tonight, ticked about the senate majority leader not putting the tax cuts on the priority list, he's on fbn. which if you're not getting -- >> demand it. >> neil: presidential order. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." tonight, emanuel is out. heading to chicago. what a surprise. it wonder if he will stay in d.c. for the weekend? with the one nation rally. by the way, the one nation rally. do you mow who is funding this? you are not going to believe this. what i was told this morning by the research staff, i was like you have to be kidding me. no, no. if you think i'm going to tell you now, no! savor it. savor it. it's worth the wait. i'll tell you before the end of the hour. but we have a lot to do today. c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪
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>> glenn: hello, america. a quick personal note at the top of the show, because i think it sets the mood for where i'm at and where i think the country is headed. before i went on the radio show today, two of my producers said to me something is happening to you. i said i know, i can feel it. i'm changing. my producer said, "it's 8-28." it is. it is 8-28. that did change me. but i can't figure out exactly how or where i'm headed. or where the country is headed. i do know that i've changed and i know i'm not the only one. next week, we're going to be showing you some people whose lives have already changed because of 8-28. they have taken the 40-day and 40-night challenge. we've been asking you to do. but there is two things tonight i want to tell you
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before we get started. i keep feel i'm going john gault. i have don't know if you read "at -- atlas shrugged." but you should. in the book they say where is john gault? a big industrialist, leader, if you will, but not in a position of power. he just disappears. i can't tell you how many people i talk to and said i want to go all john gault but there is no place to go. there isn't. you are where you are supposed to be. no utopia that you can escape to and be free to live your life. that's why people came here on the mayflower. that's why immigrants have come here for hundreds of years. because this was the last place where you could be free to create what you want it to be. what you want to do.
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however, i think there is a way and i'm just at the beginning of this journey, where people may ask, where is john gault when they see you? they'll be talking about you. what happened to you? here is the way to go all john gault. stop playing the game. stop playing the game that everybody has set up. that's the first thing. the second thing i want to talk to you about and we'll get into these, both of these next week. something else is happening. it was reported in the "new york times" story that is coming out this sunday, like i don't know, 50 billion word story on me in the "new york times" magazine. and in that article, it told the story about how i wrote sarah palin after i gave a speech with her in alaska. sarah and i are friends. and sometimes we write each other at 2:00 in the morning, which i don't know is like
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5:00 in the afternoon to her. and we have just shared thoughts back and forth. i wrote her last week and i said sarah, i'm not sure anymore if i'm doing more harm or more good. that's not entirely true. i hope, i'm trying to do good. but i'm stuck right now between places. for a while now, i have told you this, i haven't wanted to do the show i'm doing. i haven't wanted to do the things, many of the things i'm doing. at least not the way i'm doing them. but i have to change, like you, and evolve as we go. i talked to a trusted friend about six months ago and he gave me i think some sage advice. he said where would you run to? i said i don't know. i don't know. he said to everything there is a season. continue. continue for a season.
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because you don't ever run from something. you run to something. i thought that was pretty profound. not just for me, but also for you. i think all of us. i don't know, i'm sure it's not just me. but i sense metaphorically that the leaves are changing. the seasons are changing. i don't know the we're headed into winter, or i hope into spring. but the leaves are changing. so what does that mean? well, that means and we hope and repair for spring. but we also prepare for winter. we prepare. like being good and decent. we prepare by being better than we were yesterday, as individuals. we prepare by knowing our facts. by knowing our history. don't allow anyone else, don't allow me to tell you anything. and then you just take it as gospel, because it's not
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gospel. many of the things we tell you are fact. some of the things are opinions. you have to have your own opinion. last night i told you facts about obama's upbringing. they are facts. the reason why i tell you these things is because we have to know who people are so we can navigate and we know what we're dealing with. i can safely arrive at a conclusion, an opinion of what is happening and how the president is making decisions if i really look at the facts. now these facts are really well put together in this book. "the roots of obama's rage" by dinesh d'souza. everybody should read this book. it's now the number one selling book on i think it's going to be that way for quite some time, because you must read it and pass it on. but here is what we learned last night before we come to our own opinions and
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conclusions. first, barack obama's dad, barack obama's dad said this. theoretically there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income. so long as the people get benefits from the government. you got it? so in other words they could take 100% if they want to, as long as it's shared with everybody else. now this was his father. his father was a marxist, anti-colonial marxist, not the kind of marxist you found in the soviet union. now his mother, she was also anti-colonialist, stanley ann. she married lolo soreto. he was a capitalist. but she didn't really know that. that's why he was sent away. he was sent away to hawaii.
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to her grand parents right here. this is stanley ann dunham's mom and dad. grandpa decided he needed a role model, somebody that he could really fashion his life after. a mentor. frank marshall davis. this is frank marshall davis' f.b.i. file. it's pretty intense. so this is the dad's writing. mom sends barack away because he's being influenced by somebody who is not a marxist or an anti-colonialist and sends him to grandma and grandpa and sends him to davis who is a communist with an f.b.i. file. the only reason we're telling you this is because this is who helped shape the young man's world view. communist who had a ton of influence. there is more influence than just his father but remember, the book is not "book of my
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father." it's "dreams from my father." the dreams barack obama got from his father. go to his mentors. mentors are edward said. he's the guy at columbia, a spokesman for the palestinian national council. so he is an anti-colonialist. the colonial occupiers if you will are israel. another one, of course, is roberto unger. this guy is also the leading anti-colonial legal scholar. then, of course, we have reverend wright, the book that obama wrote "audacity of hope" comes from a sermon that this guy gave. if you heard any of his sermons they all include liberation theology. the idea of the oppressed, and the oppressor. that is it. oppressed could be anywhere, here, africa, israel. but the oppressors are
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usually europe and the united states. then, of course, bill ayers. sat with barack obama on the board of the woods foundation. anti-colonialism. remember when we went over the weather underground and their manifesto? it was anti-colonialism. that's what they all have in common. from here, to here. anti-colonialism. the idea that are colonizer and the colonized. america or europe and then the third world victims. oppressor and victim. all of these are a fact. you can decide they mean nothing but they're all facts. we will get to opinion in a second. the other thing is, remember his church is also anti-colonialism. it's liberation theology. there is an oppressor and the oppressed. remember, i've been talking to you about what do you call it? collective salvation. the president has said time and time again my salvation is dependent on a collective
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salvation. in other words, he must stop the oppressor and help the to oppressed. the only way the oppressor can be stopped, the only way the oppressor can find salvation is basically you have to give back what you've stolen. same up here. colonizers are stealing things from the third world victims. now, let me just show you one clip first for the theology. this is from the founder of black liberation theology, james cohen. here it is. >> the only way in which your repentance, your forgiveness can be accepted, your reception can be authentic, your repentance can be authentic is that you give back what you took. white people took a lot from black people. >> glenn: see, this is where i went wrong and so many americans went wrong. i have went wrong because i thought it was about race for a long time.
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it's not. it's not. it's not really even about religion. not about black and white and not about religion. it's not about money. it's not about anything. you can be a successful african-american running the bank and you're still the oppressor. most time it's not called anti-colonialism. how do i know? it's called anti-colonialism, neo colonialism with these people in the past. but now it's just fact. i want to show you how i know and how your children know this theory and you don't. i want to show you something that we showed you a year-and-a-half ago from the tides foundation. funded by george soros. it is playing at about 4,000 schools across the country. it's called the story of stuff. here is the way they are teaching your children about anti-colonialism. >> if everybody consumed at u.s. rates, we would need three to five planets. >> glenn: here we go.
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>> we've only got one. >> glenn: here it comes. >> my country's response to this limitation is to go take somebody else's. this is the third world, which some say is another word for our stuff that got on somebody else's land. what does that look like? the same thing. trashing the place. >> glenn: okay. she is saying to kids in schools, what is that? that is just saying our stuff somehow or another got on their land. we are taking, we are stealing from the third world. because we are the oppressor. that explains it. call it whatever you want. these are the facts. this is the explanation. now we're moving from fact. everything you've just seen are facts. but in case you haven't been able to pin it together yet, i want to move. can we move the anti-colonial stuff over to this screen, please?
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keep it here. i want you to be able to see that. thank you. now we're going to move to opinion. and we're going to go back to dinesh d'souza. because he lives this over in india. your grandfather and your father. hi, dinesh. how are you? >> hello. >> glenn: your father and grandfather were anti-colonialists? >> yes. i came of age in post impendence india and i understand this ideology well. >> glenn: nothing to do with race or anything else. >> the british didn't come to india because we were brown. they came to india to conquer land, rule, racism was incidental to this. >> glenn: okay. so, in your book "the roots of obama's rage" you say these -- it solves these question. remember, america, when we were talking and we said which one are we at? okay. we said the winton churchill bust, what was the president thinking? how could he take a gift given to us by england after 9/11 and when he first meets
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the prime minister, he says by the way, we don't need this anymore. you can take it back. the prime minister of england says no, no, no. that was a gift from the english people. what happened? he said that is okay. we don't want it. he boxed it up and sent it back. that's one of the biggest slaps in the face. nobody understood that. we tried to figure that out. how does this explain it? >> the anti-colonial theory explains it very well. we think most americans think of churchill as the guy who fought the nazis. churchill is also a colonialist. he said i don't want to be the prime minister who presides over the end of the british empire. he was the prime minister of britain in the 1950s when there was an anti-colonial uprising in kenya. churchill sent in troops and they smashed the revolt. obama's father was arrested, his grandfather was put in a detention camp. he was allegedly tortured. so my point is the anti-colonial wars are not academic wars. they are real wars.
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a lot of people got killed and it had direct scars on obama's family so he has good reason to hate this man, winston churchill. >> glenn: you are not saying that you know for a fact -- there is nothing in writing. all of this stuff is fact. and the fact that under churchill obama's grand father and father -- his grandfather was tortured. was the father tortured? >> he wasn't tortured but he was arrested as sympathizer of the rebels. it's opinion. but the theory is powerful if it has explanatory power. accounts for the fact. >> glenn: lockerbie letter. >> the lockerbie letter is a letter sent by obama secretly to the scottish government saying it's okay to release abdelbaset al-megrahi, the lockerbie bomber. now why? from the anti-colonial point of view, if america is the rogue elephant, rogue country occupying iraq and afghanistan, muslims who
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strike out against america are freedom fighters. they are resistor of american imperialism. >> glenn: one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. this does not mean that he supports al-qaeda or he is in any way supportive. he has a different -- for instance. how many of these people did you hear after 9/11 immediately? well, you have to understand what we've done. you have to understand and quite frankly, there is some point to that. it's like i am trying to teach history and even the bad stuff because we have done things, everybody has, have done things that inflict trouble on people. but you're not claiming that he is in with the terrorists. >> i'm not saying that obama approves of the downing of pan am. >> glenn: correct. >> not at all. i'm saying when you look at a guy that dlams to fight american imperialism, obama sees a fellow anti-colonialist. he says this guy is like my dad and striking out against the western, american oppressor. >> glenn: don't agree with what he has done but i can
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understand he has issues. >> exactly. >> glenn: afghan war. >> the afghan war, remember from the anti-colonial point of view, afghanistan and iraq are wars of colonial occupation. what that means is that obama's goal is to get out. he defines success by withdrawal. notice that he doesn't like to use the word "victory." he defines success getting out and so i don't think he cares if the taliban comes in. that is secondary to him. the main issue is we got to get out. >> glenn: okay. nuclear iran kills me. we only have a minute. let me go through it quickly. nuclear iran is -- they don't have a problem with them having nukes, it's just us having nukes. the u.s. energy consumption and tax the rich. explain those real quick. >> certainly. the issue with obama here is not the a gore agenda of is the -- al gore agenda is the earth getting hotter or colder. he wants to decrease u.s. consumption so we have less and previously colonized countries have more. he blocks and puts a moratorium on oil drilling in
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america and subsidizes oil drilling in brazil. brazil sells some of the oil to chinese. >> glenn: got it. tax the rich. >> tax the rich. obama is talking about the fair share. the rich should pay their fair share. government data shows the top 10% pay 70% of all income taxes. that is not enough. obama thinks they should pay more. how much more? he never says. but the anti-colonial assumption we trace back to his dad is that when you have stolen your wealth, if you come to my house and take my furniture, what is the correct tax rate for you? 100%. because it's not your furniture. so when you look at wealth as greed, and profiteering and exploitation, there is no limit to how much you tax the rich. >> glenn: morally. morally. that shows how he can honestly say and you can understand his motives and honestly say he's not -- he doesn't think he's being evil. he doesn't think he is doing wrong. he thinks he is doing good. because morally speaking, this is all stolen wealth.
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>> this is the key point. obama is not anti-american in that he wishes ill on america. he want what is is best for america. he thinks it's bad for to us be a colonial power and in his view he is doing right for america by pulling us out, knocking us off the pedestal and in a sense taking us from being the world's arrogant super power. wants us to share the wealth. he thinks he will get a better america. but he is stuck in a theory, frozen in a time machine. in a sense he is the captive of the ideology of tribesman from the '50s. incredible idea. >> glenn: america, i am telling you, this is the best theory i have heard. this to me rings true. in the end, it may not be, but we have to have a debate. not on the facts. but on the opinion. does that fit? they will try to make sure that you don't believe any of these facts because of the opinion he draws from them. you must read this book.
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because you will finally understand it as i think -- as my current understanding is, i think i finally do. dinesh, thank you very much. the book "roots of obama's rage." pick it up now.   
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>> glenn: the president and the entire left are trying to recapture their 2008 magic, hope and change. george bush is no longer in the white house and barack obama is. and so things are presenting a problem. the fact that they saw you show up by the hundreds of thousands on 8-28, the hundreds of thousands all underneath the trees. that shook them to their core. they are now play iing defense.
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they're freaked out. they know they have to energize the voting base again. this is where the leaves begin to change. we could enter winter or we could be going to spring. they are putting on the rally this weekend -- a rally, by the way, that requires mandatory attendance for some union members. listen to this. >> are your members doing this because they have to or they want to? >> my members are doing this for both reasons. they have to and they want to. they are ready for a fight. >> glenn: they have to and they want to, because they're ready for a fight. wow! i don't remember forcing anybody to come to 8-28. i said leave your signs and everything else at home. this isn't about fighting. this is becoming more like martin luther king or gandhi. but look, this is what is coming your way. this. this is one nation coming together. is this your nation? the young communist league,
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the international socialist organization, all the labor unions, national action network, no justice, no peace, peace and freedom party that is running, i believe, convicted killer. jeremiah wright's church. really? is this it? communists, socialist and radicals. that's not name calling. that is a fact. it's all right here on their own website. and they are all proudly standing with the president and the president is proudly standing with them. i can't stand with these people. can you? i give them their right for freedom of speech and i wish them no harm. but i can't stand with them because the principles and values represent destruction of america. the intentional destruction of america. communism, socialism not compatible with the constitution of the united states. they have called, some of the
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groups, for violent revolution. they want globalization. the redistribution of wealth. they want a government that is totally immersed in your life. now that is, that is a fact. that is not opinion. that is a fact. that's not what i believe in. i don't think it's what you believe in. when it comes to america, when it comes to tax, 70% of americans think raising taxes would be a mistake. 70%. lower taxes, smaller government. if seeing this, and seeing who is putting this together, if it doesn't get your neighbors to the polls on november 2, i don't know what will. if they're not energized or motivated to energize others, the republic will be lost. the america that we love, the
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america that we have known. good, bad and ugly. it's up for the taking. the president keeps warning his base that if the g.o.p. wins in this election, it will stop his agenda and we'll go back to the policies of the past. unfortunately, he's right in some regard. we will go back to the policies of past. but i'd like to go back to the real past. to smaller government where we encouraged each other to help each other out and we encouraged others to invent and create. less intrusion, less spending and end to corruption. there has always been corruption. there will always be corruption and there will always be the poor among us. it's our job to do a better job each and every day, to help the poor and punish those who are corrupt. these are not the policies that got us in to the mess that the big government
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politicians like to claim. no, not those. progressive policies of the past of the republicans and the democrats. policies of an out-of-control spendthrift big government mind set from both parties that got us into this. they spent like mad men. let's not forget the democrats have held the reign of power in congress since 2006. in 2005 in iraq, people inked their fingers. they inked their fingers to show that they voted. every single person who voted was threatened. their lives were threatened. yet, they went into the polls in baghdad, 95% voted. and they put their finger in purple ink. now, that was -- we get stickers. i could leave and take my sticker off. they couldn't take the purple ink off. for days, they were in danger. we have had a voter turn-out in some places of 35%. the average for the last midterm was 38%.
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we are facing the worst thre threat. we may stand in line for 20 minutes with someone trying to sell you amway products, or i don't know, somebody is like i got to tell you -- you know. but nobody has threatened our lives. have you called your neighbor yet? have you volunteered at a nursing home or community center to help people get register and tell people to vote? i'm not telling you who to vote for. i have don't care if it's a republican, democrat or independent. find someone who you believe more than the other. they're doing it. these people are professional organizers. look at the rally on saturday. if you are still not convinced of the critical juncture to which we have arrived, i'll show you in a second why you need to be. if you remember the movie "the sting" you will understand this real well. america is going through a similar situation. we are being played right now. watch the color of the trees.
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because the leaves are changing. they think you are just too stupid to realize it. but you're not. they think they can play you yet again. they can't. listen to this from senator robin carnahan. listen to this. >> we're going to also have a libertarian and a constitution party candidate running. and i will tell you, no one is going to know who they are, but it's not going to matter, because glenn beck says you're supposed to -- [ inaudible ] -- the constitution. we'll support. 30% goes to the libertarian party. i'm sure whoever wins will get that percentage of the vote. >> it doesn't sound like you think the constitution party votes are going to come out of your account. >> what do you think? >> i think you're right. [ laughter ] >> glenn: laughing. don't think someone who wants to go vote for the constitution is going to hurt
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you. holy cow! this isn't a game, america. and we are in the end phase of the set-up. get your friends and neighbors to go in record-breaking numbers to vote. more in a second.
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i'm patti ann browne. a personnel announcement is coming from president obama tomorrow, according to the white house. chief of staff rahm emanuel is expected to resign to
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become a campaign -- to begin his campaign for chicago mayor. new comments from federal reserve chair ben bernanke on the state of our country can's economy. bernanke says the fed must do its part to help with the recovery that he is calling disappointingly slow with high unemployment. former president jimmy carter is now in washington, d.c. for meetings after being released from a cleveland hospital. he fell ill with stomach problems on a flight to ohio on tuesday. for more on the stories visit glenn beck returns in a moment. but first, chris wallace previews "special report." >> hey, the president and congressional democrats congratulate themselves. we will tell you why. mcdonald's may take a bite out of the healthcare law and bare knuckle politics in new york. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to glenn beck in new york. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: i want to talk to
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you for a second on a movie that my family watched with me and they hated it. i'm like c'mon, kids, this is a great movie. they're like, "i hated it, dad." remember the movie "the sting." i know, it stars robert redford and you avoid everything with robert redford, i know. but i thought this was a great movie. it's about a bunch of men who are comen who set up an entire fake gaming facility to pull off a rippoff con because somebody wronged them. they set it up so the dealers and the cashiers are in on it and the mark has no clue. because if the mark has a clue that they have set him up, if a mark has a clue that they were the ones stealing the money, they are all dead. so when the con goes down and the money changes hands, the mark has to have no idea he's just been had. well, i think that movie in real life is playing out again. guess what? congratulations. you have a starring role.
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you are the mark. but you don't start with the mark. you start with the set-up. the set-up has been happening now for quite a while. it's been happening for years. but the sting is right around the corner. we have a whole bunch of false fronts built around this system that seems like the free market we know, but it is not. we have congress set up. it seems to be functioning like it's supposed to, but it's not. it's again a false front. cass sunstein is pulling the strings. what they do in congress is becoming more and more irrelevant every day. you're the mark. are they trying to just take your money? no. the target here loses their rights and their money. they lose something else. it's the one that seems almost seductive, but when it's gone it will be the last
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thing you notice and you will say holy cow, that was the key. it was your responsibilities. that's what they take first. these con men want to take away your ability to choose for yourself because they believe they can make better choices for you. you might know what you want to eat, but that doesn't matter. you don't know what is best for you. they can tell you what to drive and surf and see and read on the internet, how much money you can earn, how much air is in your tires. they will take away all of your responsibilities, too. they will take away the responsibilities like working hard. going through tough times in your life. your responsibility to be charitable. paying your mortgage, paying for school. getting a job. all of it. taking care of grandma and grandpa. just like in the sting, they're using companies as a front. fannie and freddie. g.e. please. what do you think is going on with google right now?
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the unions like seiu and afl-cio are front organizations. they're all fronts. they have roped people in and now they are about to push us into a progressive nanny state, global governance scenario. the con here has already begun to take shape. i want to show you a couple of things. look at the news. you will be able to see the con here. first one, al gore and george soros are going to be speaking at columbia university next week. al gore is going to be talking about how investors can leverage their expanding global influence to build robust environmental governance standards. and george soros will be talking about the sovereign debt problem, i'm sure they will both have a free market solution. does anybody remember this guy from the 2010 town mall heating? >> it's a pleasure to see you, many president. thank you for taking time out of your day! thank you so much! [ applause ] >> okay, i've been at the
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same job, mcdonald's, for four-and-a-half years, because of the fact that i can't find another job. the fact i've been there as long as i've been there, do you have any plans or making one to make one for a long time and receive better benefits than what they have already received? >> glenn: he was the mark. the easy to dupe, or the weakest among us are always the ones who are the first mark. his name is julio. the president said yes, he is going to put together healthcare. this is back a year ago. but really julio finally got his answer today. remember, he worked at mcdonald's. he wanted better benefits. here is the story today. mcdonald's has warned federal regulators it could drop the health insurance plan for nearly 30,000 workers unless the regulators waive a new requirement of the health overhaul. yes, julio, here is your
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answer. you will have it his way. president obama's mandates and standards designed right in the healthcare bill shows large employers like mcdonald's are doing the math and they are finding they can't meet the standards. therefore, they are forced to drop the people they were covering. which they will receive penalties for but he will have to go to the federal healthcare system. these are the part-time workers with small plans. mini-med plans but it was how they were all had. because now they have nothing. 1.4 million people across the country are affected by this. 1.4 million people are now going to have their healthcare dropped because we're trying to get the poor on healthcare. don't worry. progressives will be there to save the day. they already are. they start with a solution. they know what is best. then they create the problem or exploit the problem intentionally. so what way, you eventually like julio go to them and beg for the solution because the
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big bad mcdonald's has just taken away your healthcare. that's what they do. artificially create a problem to run in and save the day with a solution they wanted in the first place. the president is responsible for this. he will be the knight in shiming armor and he will sweep everyone in government healthcare, because remember, that was his goal. his words. >> i happen to be a proponent of single payer universal healthcare plan. [ applause [ applause ] >> a single payer healthcare plan, universal healthcare plan. that's what i'd like to see. but as all of you know we hay not get there immediately so. that we may not get there immediately. you were set up. you were the mark. and the sting is about to go down. back in a minute. ñ÷
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>> glenn: i've been talking to you all week about the one nation rally this saturday. >> are your members doing this because they have to or they want to? >> my members are doing it for both reasons, they have to and they want to. they're ready for a fight. >> glenn: that should make you -- it should wake you up a little bit, america. maybe drive you to your knees. i want you to watch because the sting is not happening yet. but the con is winding up. this weekend is important
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because you are the mark. if you are on the fence or you're not sure what is really happening in your country, you better pick up the pace. start with listening to your gut. you know something is not right. if you already know you're being set up and you are going to be shoved to an anti-colonial marxist or global governance system, i don't know what it will like in the end, you need to wake others up and take the 40 day and 40 night challenge. blue print for national survival. you have to do that. here is what it is in a nutshell. clean out your own life. be peaceful. be strong. know what is true. tough times are coming. you need to be a shelter for others. it feels to me as though the seasons are about to change. remember what these activists are good at. these activists are great at one thing. dividing. disrupting. agitating. they have been good at it and they've been doing it since the 1960s.
5:49 pm
this is their shot. they have been waiting and building since the 1960s. if you have been agitating and everything you're not good at ruling. you've seen that. we are on to them. we know who they are. this is a nightmare. but they are about to go back to agitating, because once they lose control of the house, they have to. that is what they're good at. you must overwhelm them in numbers. get out and vote this november. get someone else to vote. i don't care how they vote. just get them to vote. get off the couch. get the neighbors off the couch. be proactive. are you registered to vote yet? register to vote. make sure people in your neighborhood are registered to vote. get them out in droves and then stand peacefully arm in arm. i fear the trouble is just
5:50 pm
about to begin. and it will only get worse. the sting happens after january. if i'm right, there is not a lot of people in washington that will offer peaceful leadership. and our streets will not be peaceful. they will start protesting and agitating again. peaceful leadership role, unfortunately, i believe will fall on your shoulders. be ready to accept that challenge.
5:51 pm
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5:53 pm
>> glenn: all right. has anyone wondered why the media didn't wildly cover the president's huge political rally on the campus of the
5:54 pm
university of wisconsin madison this week? it was big. why did he do it there? it seemed like the perfect set-up for main stream media, barack obama with feingold. remember the wizard of progressive thought? founding member of crime inc., joel rogers hails in that's his campus. it sounds like progressive heaven. the lead? a lead feel-good story on every network. look at the kids. they love obama and the numbers are back. by the way, joel rogers started the new party which later split to the working party family. which is endorsing the one nation working together rally. but who is funding it? who is funding this? i remember being asked that over and over again for months who funds 8-28. the people did. well, who is funding it?
5:55 pm
who is behind the message of the rally. are you ready? this is worth the wait. who else? the tides foundation. the tides. what's possible? they also fund joel rogers apollo alliance, progress on the center in wisconsin strat skri. and the rally's message is courtesy of fedra ellens lampkin, ceo of green for all, the group van jones cofounded. she sits on the board of emerald city, collaborative, the group that the wizard joel rogers created to push union. it's a cozy, nicely connected group here, isn't it? it really is one nation. the question is: who are you? who are we? are you one nation working together with the communist, radical, revolutionaries that want to fundamentally
5:56 pm
transform america? or are you these people? are you these people? one nation who came together. one nation under god. indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. decide. @=h   
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
the last couple of days we told you to understand the past so we can understand the future. tomorrow, an hour you must

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